Magento 2 Payment Fees extension

Magento 2 Payment Fees extension v2.2.0
  • Charges customers for using certain billing methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, etc.)
  • Can apply both fixed and percentage fees per each payment method
  • Supports all the available payment gateways (methods)
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Add extra fees per payment method

The extension adds an extra fee to cart (order) totals when customers use certain payment method(s) when placing an order.

Extra fees per billing method

Fixed and percentage fee types

You can create an unlimited number of payment fees. The fees can have both "fixed" and "percent" amount types. So you can apply combined charges. For example, you can configure 2,9% + $0.30 for PayPal fee.

Manage payment surcharge

Payment Fees on Certain Conditions

The Payment Fees extension for Magento 2 also allows to configure the conditions that should be met in order an extra fee could be applied. For example, you can configure Cash on Delivery fee to be applied only if Grand Total less than $500.

Apply Magento 2 payment fee when cart meets certain conditions

Flexible tax settings

You can configure the extension to calculate tax separately for payment fees. In this case, you’ll be able to set a tax class to be applied to the fees. There is also a setting which allows displaying the fees excluding and/or including tax.

Magento 2 Payment Fee Tax
Extension Info & Demo
Magento Version Compatibility

Community Edition: 2.2.x - 2.4.x

Enterprise Edition: 2.2.x - 2.4.x

Recent Customer Reviews
  • 15 reviews
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  • Nice extension. Had a small incompatibility with a 3rd party OPC, but support team fixed it quickly. Really liked their service.
  • Great extension, helped me a lot. PayPal fees are high enough and I almost had no any profit from the orders paid with this payment method. With this extension, I can charge an extra fee from my customers when they use PayPal. So this gave me additional profit. So it definitely worth this money
  • The feature of charging additional fees per payment method is really useful for my store. The extension adds all the necessary functionality for this. And works without any bugs. Good work!
  • I needed to show the exact PayPal fees and charge these to the customer. Have tried the Mageworx's Multi Fees but there was no way. Have tried something else I can't remember now and they failed too. Until I found the Payment Fees extension from MagestyApps which does exactly that.
  • We always use this module as the 90% of our clients want to implement Cash On Delivery payment option for an extra fee.
  • Purchased and installed the extension 4 days ago. Using it on Magento 2.2.0. Works pretty well without any issues.
  • Perfect extension for those who want to add surcharges for payment method. The support team installed and configured the extension in 15 minutes. I liked the service and the product.
    Hello Irvin. Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. We glad to know that you liked our product. - by MagestyApps on 4 Sep 2017 at 03:02
  • Installed the extension to my Magento version 2.1,7. Working right out of the box without any issue. Even better than I expected :)
    Thank you. Nice to read that the extension have met your requirements :) - by MagestyApps on 15 Jul 2017 at 03:17
  • Good extension. Unfortunately, it wasn't compatible with my custom onestep checkout by MageStore. But the guys fixed it within 2 days. After that everything works excellent.
    Hi. Sorry again for the inconvenience. We've added the fix to the extension package so you will not have any issues related to installing future extension updates. Thanks for your feedback - by MagestyApps on 5 May 2017 at 03:00
  • Using this extension on Magento 2.1.4. First of all, want to say that the installation service was really fast. I also asked to configure a PayPal fee on my website, and they did it in a minute. All the described features work fine. I'm happy with the purchase and recommend it to others.
    Thanks a lot for such a kind words. It makes us happy to see that our customers really like our products. - by MagestyApps on 7 Apr 2017 at 08:35
Change Log
Version 2.2.0 (October 28, 2021):
  • Added possibility to configure both percent and fixed amounts within a single fee
  • Refactored the code according to the latest Magento recommendations and coding standards
  • Fixed tax calculation issues
  • Fixed errors when printing an invoice with fees
Version 2.1.6 (October 30, 2020):
  • Fixed Aheadworks OneStepCheckout compatibility issues
  • Fixed tax calculation issues
  • Fixed error related to saving fee after removing conditions
  • Some small refactoring related to code quality
Version 2.1.4 (November 6, 2019):
  • Optimized data keeping structure in DB
Version 2.1.3 (September 7, 2019):
  • Fixed compatibility with Magento 2.2.5
  • Made the payment fee totals label configurable in admin
Version 2.1.2 (April 10, 2018):
  • Fixed the error that was appearing when trying to add a fee condition
Version 2.1.1 (March 30, 2018):
  • Added alternative fee calculation method based on the payment provider's rates
  • Fixed a bug realted to the fees being applied when no payment method is selected
Version 2.1.0 (October 17, 2017):
  • Added possibility to define conditions for fees
  • Compatibility with Magento v2.2
  • Some minor fixes
Version 2.0.9 (May 04, 2017):
  • Add fee totals when retrieving order data via API
  • Compatibility with Mirasvit_Rewards and Magestore_OneStepCheckout modules
Version 2.0.8 (April 06, 2017):
  • Payment fee tax wasn't dispalyed in tax details. Fixed!
Version 2.0.7 (March 11, 2017):
  • Fixed "Invalid total amounts" error when trying to apply both percentage and fixed fees to PayPal
Version 2.0.6 (Feb 20, 2017):
  • Correctly display payment fees incl/excl tax in PDF
  • Fixed the error that appeared when trying to apply a tax to payment fees
  • Updated settings scopes
  • Fixed wrong translations command in Block/Config.php
  • Fixed the issue related to store code in URLs
  • Fixed composer dependencies
Version 2.0.4:
  • Fixed duplicated totals on PayPal review page
Version 2.0.3:
  • Fixed an issue related to PayPal total amounts
  • Fixed errors that were appearing while compilation
Version 2.0.2:
  • Possibility to set negative values for fees
Version 2.0.0:
  • Initial Release

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