Magento 2 Review Reminder extension

Magento 2 Review Reminder extension v2.0,0
  • Reminds your customers to leave a review
  • Can send multiple reminders with different delays
  • Allows generating a discount coupon for posting a review
  • Provides statistics for each review reminding rule
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Automated Review Reminders

The extension is aimed to increase your web store's conversions rate by collecting more reviews to the products you sell. It automatically sends review reminding emails to your customers asking them to leave some feedback regarding the products they have purchased. The more product reviews you have, the higher conversion rate you get.

Fees per billing method

Multiple Reminders per Customer

Most of the similar extensions allow sending only one review reminder right after the order is placed. But there is a high chance that the customer will ignore the first email. To increase the chance, the extension offers sending multiple reminding emails to each customer. For example, you can send the first email in 2 days after the purchase, the 2nd one - in 7 days, and the 3rd - in 14 days. If the customer leaves a review, then no further emails will be sent.

Manage payment surcharges

Disounts for Posting a Review

To persuade a customer to leave a review, you may offer him a bonus for doing this. One of the most effective tools is discount. The extension allows configuring such a discount. When a customer follows the link from the review reminder and posts a review, a coupon code will be automatically generated and sent to his email.

Payment Fees Tax

Statistics Reports for Each Reminder

To control the efficiency of each reminding rule, the extension provides you with a special staticstics report. There you will see how many customers retrieved the reminder, opend it, followed the link and left a review. This data will help you to understand which parts you can improve to get more reviews: email subject, email message, discount amount or product review form.

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Change Log
Version 2.0.0 (March 11, 2018):
  • Possibility to create multiple review reminding rules
  • Discounts for leaving a review
  • Efficiency statistics report for each reminder
  • Default email templates for reminders on module installation

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