Efficient Magento Extensions by MagestyApps

  • Advanced Breadcrumbs plugin for Magento

    Advanced Breadcrumbs

    v 1.6.2
    This Magento plugin allows you to show your customers the full breadcrumbs path, even if they found your product with the help of a search engine. It also adds rich snippets to your breadcrumbs. So now Google can associate your products with the corresponding categories.
  • Magento GeoIP Store and Currency Switcher by MagestyApps

    GeoIP Store & Currency Switcher

    v 1.5.2
    This store/website auto switcher for Magento automatically forwards your visitors to the associated store views and changes displayed currency and tax rate depending on the visitor's location. It also allows to block certain IP addresses and countries.
  • Payment Fees magento plugin by MagestuApps

    Payment Fees

    v 1.4.6
    Have you ever refused using any of the payment methods just because it is too expensive for you? Now this problem can be solved. With the Payment Fees Magento extension you can provide your customers more payment methods by letting them cover the fees for these methods themselves.
  • Custom Order Grid

    Custom Order Grid

    v 1.1.0
    Make orders grid page more efficient and handy by adding necessary custom columns and removing those that are useless.
  • Product Images Slider

    Product Images Slider

    v 1.0.0
    User-friendly extension that modifies product photo gallery to open images in a full-screen light box with intuitively designed slider.
  • Automated Review Reminder

    Automated Review Reminder

    v 1.0.0
    This amazing plugin for Magento allows you to automatically remind your customer to leave a review on your products and services. You can create multiple rules to send reminding emails with different content in different time spans.
  • Skip Checkout Steps magento extension by MagestyApps

    Skip Checkout Steps

    v 1.1.2
    This extension allows to skip payment method and/or shipping method steps of your standard Magento one page checkout. It prevents your customers from making a number of unnecessary clicks to place an order. And in this case you conversion rate should grow up
  • GeoIP Currency Switcher - automatically change currency in magento

    GeoIP Currency Switcher

    v 1.0.3
    This magento module automatically changes displayed currency to the one used in visitor's country
  • Order Flags Logo

    Order Flags

    v 1.0.2
    That is a simple extension that allows to highlight separate orders right in the orders grid in your Magento admin panel. You can create unlimited number of custom colored flags and assign them to the orders you want to mark.
  • Products On Sale

    Products On Sale

    v 1.0.0
    Boosts the sales of the discounted products by marking them with a special badge, moving them to the top of a category and creating a separate Sale category.
  • Extended Product Reviews extension by Magesty

    Extended Product Reviews

    v 1.4.0
    Make your feedback section more attractive and useful for your visitors. Improved design layout, ability to comment on the reviews, voting for the reviews usefulness and many other cool features aimed to increase customers' loyalty.

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