Magento Custom Order Grid extension

Magento Custom Order Grid extension v1.1.0
  • Make orders grid page more handy based on your needs
  • Easily add or remove the grid columns you need to
  • Possibility to delete certain unnecessary or test orders
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Add new columns to orders grid

With this extension you can easily add necessary columns to orders grid. It provides 40+ custom columns that include information about the order, ordered products, customer, order totals, billing and shipping addresses. If you won't find the column you need then our support team can quickly add it for free.

Custom order grid columns

Remove unnecessary columns

Some of the columns that standard Magento shows in orders grid may be useless for some customers. For example, most of stores use only one currency and they don't need to show both "Grand Total (Base)" and "Grand Total (Purchased)" columns. In this case, the extension will help you hide the columns you'd like to.

Add or remove grid columns

Modify columns sort order

The newly added columns will be put to the end of the grid by default. But you can easily manage the order of the columns and put them into the place you want.

Modify columns sort order

Delete unnecessary orders

The extension allows to completely delete certain orders. That is very useful when you have some fake, temporary or test orders in your Magento setup.

Completely delete orders
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Magento CE: 1.6.x - 1.9.x;

Magento EE: 1.11.x - 1.14.x;

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  • Easy to use extension with flexible settings. Helped me to show some info right on the orders listing. So now there is no need to open each order to view the necessary info.
  • Very useful extension that makes store owner's life easier

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