Magento Extended Product Reviews extension

Magento Extended Product Reviews extension v1.4.0
  • Leave comments and replies to customers' reviews
  • Let your customers vote for the most helpful feedback
  • User-friendly design for reviews
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Show your concern

Do you know of an easy way to keep your customers and make them happy? You should assure them that you know about their problems and always willing to help!

For example:

Your customer has faced an issue regarding one of your products. He is not very happy and leaves a negative feedback. Other potential buyers will read this review and think that the problem is still present and you haven’t done anything on your side to solve it.

Our solution:

Aiming to keep up good communication with clients, we’ve added the ability to comment on reviews and leave your replies to them. With this plugin you can easily add your answer to the negative review and all the visitors will be able to see it. Let them know that you care and that everyone is heard.

Let your customers talk

Well, let’s imagine that you have already gained some feedback. But there is a number of your potential clients who still have some questions based on the reviews you got. Let’s see how this can be solved with the help of our plugin.

For example:

Somebody comes to your product page and reads a review. After that he may have some questions or comments concerning this review. How can a visitor ask these questions and get answers?

Our solution:

With our extension you can easily provide your visitors with the ability to comment existing reviews. Moreover, you can easily manage these comments via admin panel. Now your customers can ask their questions and get answers. Good product deserves to be talked about!

Helpful or not?

Nobody wants to waste time reading useless information. Especially your potential customers would prefer not to spend hours searching for helpful reviews.

For example:

Your existing customers have already left a great number of reviews on a product. A potential customer starts to read through this load of comments and after 5 minutes he leaves the page because he didn’t find any review helpful for him.

Our solution:

We’ve added the ability for customers to vote whether a review was helpful or not. All the new visitors will see the voting results and will choose reviews which are preferable to read and which are not.

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  • Really like this extension! Works good, looks great.
Change Log
Version 1.4.0
  • Added review reminders functionality
  • Approval system for newly added comments
Version 1.3.0
  • Initial release

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