Magento Skip Checkout Steps extension

Magento Skip Checkout Steps extension v1.1.2
  • Skip unnecessary checkout steps like payment and shipping method
  • Forward customers directly to checkout when they add products to cart
  • Reduce the number of clicks needed to make a purchase
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Hide shipping and payment method steps in magento checkout

Removes shipping and payment method steps

This plugin allows to skip payment and/or shipping method steps of standard magento checkout. You can configure it in two ways: either to jump over these steps or to completely hide them. It is very useful if you provide only one shipping method or one payment method. In this case customers will be able to go through checkout much faster as they need to make less steps to place an order.

Bypass shopping cart

Magento Skip Checkout Steps extension also allows to redirect your customers directly to checkout page when they add products to cart. It is really handy when your customers place orders mostly with only one product. Note: This plugin works only with standard Magento checkout. It doesn’t support 3rd party checkout extensions.

Forward to checkout after adding products to cart
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Magento CE: 1.6.x-1.9.x;

Magento EE: 1.11.x-1.14.x;

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your extension allow to bypass both payment method and shipping method checkout steps?

A: Yes, you can either bypass shipping and payment method steps or completely remove them from checkout.


Q: Does it work with custom shipping/payment methods?

A: Sure, it should work correctly with all the payment and shipping methods unless the methods have the form of their own to fill in on checkout.


Q: You said that this extension allows to skip cart page in Magento. But how the customers can change cart details in this case?

A: The extension just forwards visitors directly to checkout page when they add products to cart. So it doesn't completely dismiss the shopping basket page, customers will be able to go back to cart and modify it.

Recent Customer Reviews
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  • I found it very helpful. Bonus - higher checkout conversion!
  • I have great experience in magento development. And I can say that it's much cheaper to buy this extension then spend tens of hours developing it yourself. Thank you!
  • I don't provide many payment methods so this exactly what I needed
  • For this price it's wonderful. No need to buy one step checkout for hundreds of dollars.
  • Needed to log in and out then turn the settings on in system -> config. But after that did exactly what I wanted it to.
    Using Magento 1.9.2 and a modified bootstrap template
  • Great extension, works perfect. I use only free shipping and this is very useful tool
  • Like support. Free professional installation is very good.
  • I've finally skipped shopping cart page. I hate this unnecessary step in magento. Thank you guys!
  • Now I can complete an order in only 3 clicks! Awesome :-) Thanks a lot.
  • New feature is awesome! Directly what i wanted!
Change Log
Version 1.1.2:
  • Skip cart when adding products to cart from a wishlist
  • Skip cart when making "Reorder" from customer account
Version 1.1.0:
  • ADDED ability to completely hide shipping and payment method steps
  • ADDED ability to redirect customers to checkout when they add products to cart
Version 1.0.0:
  • Initial release

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