Terms & Conditions

1. Free professional installation

We provide free of charge professional installation of our products on demand on several conditions:
a. Professional installation is provided for the extensions created by MagestyApps only.
b. There is one professional installation per each extension you got from us for 1 webstore.
c. You will need to provide us with your temporary FTP access so we can install the extension correctly for you.

2. 30-day money back guarantee (refund policy)

Our customers’ loyalty and satisfaction with our products and services are the most important points for us. We provide 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our product. The refund is provided on the following conditions:
a. The functionality of the obtained extension doesn’t coincide with it’s description on MagestyApps.com, the extension is not functioning correctly or some technical issues have occurred after the installation of our extension.
b. In case our support team couldn’t fix the issues and configure the extension so it could fit your needs and requirements.
c. You will need to provide our support team with the temporary FTP access so we can permanently remove all the files of our extension.
d. You agree not to use the extension or any parts of its code once the refund has been processed.

3. Free lifetime support

Once you have bought or downloaded any of our products you become our customer and have the right for free lifetime support. You can use this service freely as long as you are using our extensions. Here are some conditions for our free support:
a. Your version of Magento should coincide with the versions supported by our extension. They are listed on the product page in “Extensions Info & Demo” section.
b. You should use the latest version of our extension. You can find out which version of our extension you are currently using in “Change Log” field on the product page.
c. The files of our extension didn’t undergo any 3rd party customizations.
In case you have any questions connected to our extensions feel free to contact our support team and get an answer or a solution.

4. Free extension updates

We never stop making MagestyApp ready-to-use extensions even better. The extensions constantly get new upgrades in which we make them compatible with the new versions of Magento and extend their functionality. You can download for free all the latest upgrades of our products that you’ve purchased previously. In order to do this just go to My Downloadable Products section in your account on MagestyApps.com

5. One price for community and enterprise

We develop our extensions in such a way so they can work well with both Community and Enterprise versions of Magento. And most importantly - only one set of files for the extension fits to work with both versions. So if you have Magento Enterprise installed the price of the extension is just the same as if you were using Magento Community version. On the other hand if you have Community version you may be sure that if you ever decide to switch to Magento Enterprise our extension will work just as good with it too.

6. Free small customization

We provide small customizations for our clients (up to 1 hour of the development time). There is just one condition - our product has to be purchased and installed on your Magento. If you are interested in getting this service please contact our support team.

7. Live demo for each extension

There are links to our LiveDemo site at the end of the description of every extension. LiveDemo version will help you to check out all the features, functionality and advantages of each product. Just click on the link you need.

8. Newsletter subcriptions

By purchasing or downloading products developed by MagestyApps you agree to get info, updates and our company news via our mailing subscription. But you can easily unsubscribe from it in your account on our site.

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